It’s so much easier using OPENHIVEiD

OPENHIVEiD controls all of your services: use it to provision, identify and manage all of your users’ access requirements from your management information system (MIS). Learners, teachers, parents and governors all have a single identity, even if they have multiple roles – OPENHIVEiD ensures they can access all relevant ICT services using one single user account, and can even manage identities across different schools!


  • Access to a completely integrated service via a single identity and account.
  • Simplified user provisioning and management for multiple services, including roles, groups, schools and access control.
  • Understands your school’s timetables, classes etc. and enables user access across all OPENHIVE services, updating user information as changes occur.
  • Real time provisioning for your VLE, email, portal, parental reporting and filtered instant messaging – even Microsoft Office 365.
  • Automatic key stage rollover.
  • Fully automated process reduces administrative and technical support demands and provides greater cost efficiencies.
  • Multi-role and school aware through a single identity – a user-friendly service that improves satisfaction and productivity.
  • OPENHIVEiD web interface empowers you to manage your users easily.
  • Fully compliant with the Schools Interoperability Framework subscribe and publishing standards.

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