Providing integrated management of and access to Office365

Managing a large and fluid user base in a cloud-based system has been difficult – until now! OPENHIVElive takes the hassle out of provisioning Microsoft Office365 services by linking accounts directly to your MIS via OPENHIVEiD. Any changes in your MIS – when users join or leave your school, alterations to personal details etc – are automatically updated in the Office365 service. Your learners can now access and enjoy exciting personal online experiences, managed by you and all within a safe, secure school environment.

Why use OPENHIVElive?

  • Fully integrated with OPENHIVE – Single Sign-On via OPENHIVEpass enables instant access to Microsoft’s service.
  • The benefits of Office 365 provided within a safe and secure environment.
  • A dynamic online experience for your learners to explore, play and build their personal profiles.
  • Facilitates online collaboration between learners, improving communication skills through rich, interactive services.
  • Simple management through MIS integration, saving you time and resources.
  • No capital investment required, a highly cost-effective choice for schools.
  • No additional hardware required, no software licences to buy, no support costs.
  • Free generous storage space provided for all users.

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