OPENHIVEpass keeps things simple

OPENHIVEpass glues your ICT services together and allows you to move seamlessly between your portal, virtual learning environment, email and instant messaging without additional login prompts.  Users input their username and password just once to gain access to all OPENHIVE applications and Shibboleth resources on the National Education Network and the Web itself – whether at school, home or the local library.

As an additional cost option, integration with your local Active Directory extends OPENHIVEpass in your school for true SSO from the desktop.   Login once and gain access to all OPENHIVE services, school applications, external content, Shibboleth resources and the Web itself.

Why use OPENHIVEpass? 

  • Single Sign-On enables automatic access to all services, from email, portal and the VLE to other Shibboleth-enabled third party content and web services.
  • Automatic user provisioning derived from you MIS, giving personalised access regardless of how many roles a user has or how many schools they are connected with, including access across multiple locations.
  • Automatic key stage rollover of identities and access.
  • Just one password to remember, reducing the likelihood of forgotten passwords and password reminder requests.
  • Credential cache toolkit – remembers usernames and passwords for web resources, saving time for your users.
  • SSO to cloud-based services such as Microsoft Live@edu.
  • Facilitates more focused and productive teaching and learning.
  • A positive user experience leads to improved and increased usage of your school’s IT investments.

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