OPENHIVEportal brings your school’s ICT services and communities together

Based on Microsoft SharePoint, OPENHIVEportal has a range of document management and collaboration tools. OPENHIVEportal is a secure and password-protected environment. All users can access content and data that’s relevant to their role.

With one Single Sign-On (SSO), your staff, learners, parents and governors can access information, content, applications and data that are relevant to them, including collaboration tools such as wikis and blogs.

OPENHIVEportal brings a range of document management and collaboration tools. Document management features include: drag and drop from existing file storage; open and save of documents from OPENHIVEportal; document check-out and check-in with version control; workflow management. In addition you can select different themes and customise based on your organisation identity.

Many current sites are delivered using SharePoint 2010 or SharePoint 2007; this year OPENHIVEportal will be updated to provide SharePoint 2013 and we will be working to offer all customers migration paths to the additional functionality.

Why use OPENHIVEportal?

  • More personalised and engaging experience for learners, leading to improved performance and higher levels of attainment.
  • Encourages greater interaction throughout the entire school community.
  • Single Sign-On (SSO) facility provides access to all authorised areas for a complete and seamless experience.
  • Easy management of shared, personal and private collaboration and class sites.
  • Can be extensively customised to meet the needs of education, with age-appropriate interfaces and access to educational content.
  • Site, group and individual user management is provisioned by OPENHIVEiD, ensuring easy and secure management of shared, personal and private collaboration and class sites.
  • A branded website, creating greater awareness of your school, engaging the wider community and attracting new pupils.
  • A LA, cluster or federation-wide portal for real time collaboration or enterprise wide for schools.
  • Pre-created templates mean that everyday school activities can be published on-line quickly and easily, improving communication.
  • Full support from our OPENHIVE help desk.

Contact us if you want to know more about OPENHIVEportal.