Frequently asked questions

Q. What’s different about OPENHIVE?
OPENHIVE is a flexible learning platform. In one fully integrated environment, OPENHIVE can seamlessly integrate all your systems from the MIS, to the portal, VLE, email and reporting. Designed from the classroom up and focusing on the users first, OPENHIVE delivers an unparalleled user experience. A fully hosted and managed service, OPENHIVE reduces the costs of managing and delivering a completely integrated ICT solution.

Q. Who might buy OPENHIVE?
OPENHIVE is ideal for primary and secondary schools, academies, Building Schools for the Future, Clusters, federations and local authorities.

Q. Do I have to buy the full OPENHIVE platform?
No OPENHIVE is modular in design which means you can pick and choose any module, multiple modules or you can adopt the full suite of products available.

Q. Is OPENHIVE hosted or installed?
OPENHIVE is a hosted and fully managed solution. The advantage of this for schools and LA’s is that it reduces the costs of managing and delivering a completely integrated ICT solution.

Q. What is included in the full OPENHIVE platform?  How many modules are there?
There are 13 different services within the OPENHIVE platform. This includes a portal, VLE, MIS integration, identity management, Single-Sign-On and Mail either OPENHIVEmail, Microsoft Office 365 and GoogleMail services.

Q. If I already have a learning platform can I migrate all of the data into OPENHIVE?
Yes if a school or local authority has an existing learning platform or VLE, we would be able to migrate and import their data into OPENHIVE.

Q. What’s the difference between your portal and the VLE?
Our VLE is specifically for teaching and learning activities, such as assessments, quizzes, assignments etc.  Our portal is much more about the entire school community and helping parents, governors, teachers and learners to access information about school activities, meetings. Our Portal can also be used as the school’s or Local Authority’s front facing website. These can complement each other or work stand-alone depending on your needs.

If your questions have not been answered here, contact us on or call +44 (0)1782 338 254and we’ll be happy to answer them.

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